NIVA – course: Positive psychology at work – towards flourishing workplaces

Positive psychology as an approach especially in relation to work-life – work engagement, leadership issues, flourishing teams and innovativeness. How to develop successful workplaces in which work tasks and social relationships at work at the same time provide people with best opportunities for self-fulfillment, growth and good performance? What are the ways to enhance individual resources and motivation at workplaces e.g. via leadership so that employees will be creative, innovative, engaged, committed and productive at their work? Some important concepts of positive psychology research – for example servant leadership, resilience in teams, healthy organizations, and work engagement – will be taken up on this course. The added value of positive psychology on workplaces in practice will be discussed.

25-29 August 2013, Hotel Arkipelag, Åland, Finland / Course leaders Senior Researcher Jari Hakanen and Team leader Salla Toppinen-Tanner, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

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