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New publication on individual job crafting and well-being

This study investigated how various types of employee well-being (i.e., work engagement, job satisfaction, burnout, and workaholism), may differently predict various job crafting behaviors (i.e., increasing structural and social resources and challenging demands, and decreasing hindering demands) and each other over time. A At Time 1, employee well-being was measured, and 4 years later job […]

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New publication on team crafting and well-being

This study investigated potential antecedents of team job crafting defined as the extent to which team members engage together in increasing (social and structural) job resources and challenges, and decreasing hindering job demands. Data were collected among 46 multi-professional rehabilitation teams whose members completed two daily surveys after their weekly meetings. Our analyses showed that […]

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New publication on job crafting in changing organizations

The present study addressed employee job crafting behaviors (i.e., seeking resources, seeking challenges, and reducing demands) in the context of organizational change. We examined predictors of job crafting both at the organizational level (i.e., perceived impact of the implemented changes on the working life of employees) and the individual level (i.e., employee willingness to follow […]

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