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New publication on individual job crafting and well-being

This study investigated how various types of employee well-being (i.e., work engagement, job satisfaction, burnout, and workaholism), may differently predict various job crafting behaviors (i.e., increasing structural and social resources and challenging demands, and decreasing hindering demands) and each other over time. A At Time 1, employee well-being was measured, and 4 years later job […]

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New publication on employee well-being

This article reports a systematic review of findings on the long-term development of employee well-being (i.e. burnout, engagement, and job satisfaction), taking into account the effects of time lag, age, and job change. The systematic analysis of the 40 selected studies revealed that the level of employee well-being was generally high but not fixed – […]

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New publication on different types of employee well-being

The aim of this study was to establish a typology of employee well-being, together with its psychosocial antecedents and consequences. Results obtained with a sample of 786 full-time employees from different occupational sectors show four types of employee well-being: 9-to-5 or relaxed, work engaged or enthusiastic, workaholic or tense, and burned-out or fatigued, each having […]

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New publication on the motivation of engaged and workaholic employees

The present study among 680 Dutch employees in the banking industry shows that workaholic and engaged employees have different work goals and use different strategies to pursue these goals. More particularly, engaged employees are motivated by a strong need for growth and development (i.e. promotion focus), whereas workaholic employees are motivated by a strong need […]

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