PhD Projects

Completed and current projects

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Completed projects

My completed PhD projects.

  • Absenteeism from a social psychological perspective
    • Sabine Geurts, University of Nijmegen (NL), 1994.
  • Supportive interactions and stressful events at work: An event recording approach
    • Maria Peeters, University of Nijmegen (NL), 1994.
  • Balancing give and take: An equity approach to burnout
    • Dirk Van Dierendonck, Utrecht University (NL), 1996.
  • Blauw licht in het donker. Conflicthantering en burnout bij de politie [Blue light in the dark. Conflict management and burnout among police officers]
    • Nicolien Kop, Utrecht University (NL), 1999.
  • Burnout: Eine Folge konkreter Arbeitsbedingungen bei Dienstleistungs- und Produktionstätigkeiten [Burnout: A consequence of working conditions among service employees and industrial workers]
    • Eva Demerouti, Universität Oldenburg (Germany), 1999.

Current projects