Tests and manuals

Notice for potential users of the UWES and the DUWAS

You are welcomed to use both tests provided that you agree to the following two conditions:

1.  The use is for non-commercial educational or research purposes only. This means that no one is charging anyone a fee.

2.  You agree to share some of your data, detailed below, with the authors. We will add these data to our international database and use them only for the purpose of further validating the UWES (e.g., updating norms, assessing cross-national equivalence).

Data to be shared:
For each sample, the raw test-scores, age, gender, and (if available) occupation. Please adhere to the original answering format and sequential order of the items.
For each sample a brief narrative description of its size, occupation(s) covered, language, and country.

Please send data to: Preferably the raw data file should be in SPSS or EXCEL format.