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Test forms and manuals of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) in various languages.


Language Download
Afrikaans long short
Arabic long short
Bahasa Indonesia long
Brazilian long short
Brazilian (students) long short
Chinese long short 
Ceská long  short
Deutsch long short
Deutsch (Studierende) long short
Danish long  short
English long  short
English (students) long  short
Eesti keel long short 
Español long  short 
Español (estudiantes) long  short 
Français long  short 
Greek long  short 
Hebrew long  short 
Hindi long   short
Italiano long  short
Japanese long short 
Korean short 
Lithuanian long short 
Lithuanian (students)  long short 
Nederlands long short 
Nederlands (studenten) long  short 
Norsk long  short 
Polska long  short
Portugues long short 
Portugues  (estudante) long  short
Romanian long  short 
Russian long short
Serbian short
Slovenian short
Slovenian (students) short 
Suomalainen long  short 
Svensk long  short 
Türkçe long  short 
Türkçe (students) long  short 
Urdu long 


Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) – Test manuals in:

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Test forms and manuals of the Dutch Workaholism Scale (DUWAS) in various languages.



Dutch Workaholism Scale (DUWAS) –  Test Information about:

For other publications in which the DUWAS was used, see publications.

Job boredom

Test forms of the Dutch Buredom Scale (DUBS) in various languages.

Dutch Boredom Scale; Test-forms (DUBS)

Online tests

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