New publication on work engagement in Europe

This study uncovers the relationships between work engagement at country level on the one hand, and a variety of national economic, governance, and cultural indicators on the other hand. Work engagement data were used from the 6th European Working Conditions Survey (2015) that includes 43,850 employees from thirty-fiveEuropean countries. The most engaged countries can be found in Northwestern Europe and the least engaged countries in Southern Europe and on the Balkans. Work engagement is positively – and curvilinear –r elated to the nation’s economic activity and productivity. The level of work engagement is also higher: (a) in countries with lower work centrality that value leisure over work; (b) in well-governed countries with a strong a democracy, which are high in integrity, and low in corruption and gender inequality; (c) in countries with an individualistic culture. Taken it appears that work engagement at country level is associated with various economic, governance, and socio-cultural indicators (download the paper) (download the more elaborated research report).