New article on Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT)

This article [in Dutch] focuses on the development and psychometric evaluation of a new burnout instrument: The Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT). Based on a theoretical analysis, an overview of existing burnout instruments and in-depth interviews with professionals, a new conceptualization of burnout has been developed. This serves as the basis for the BAT that consists of four sub-scales: exhaustion, mental distance, and emotional and cognitive impairment, which can also be combined into one, composite burn-out score. In addition, three non-specific secondary symptoms are added: psychological distress, psychosomatic complaints, and depressive feelings. Psychometric evaluation in two representative samples of the Flemish and Dutch labor force (N = 1,500 each) supports the factorial validity, reliability, convergent and discriminant validity, as well as the construct validity of the BAT. Moreover, statistical norms and clinical cut-off values are presented for Flanders. It is concluded that the BAT is a valid and reliable questionnaire to measure burnout, which can be used for individual diagnosis and monitoring in clinical practice as well as for screening and benchmarking in organizations (download full article).