New article on Polish BAT

Aim. This study introduces the Polish version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT-PL) and assesses its validity and reliability. The tool measures the core symptoms of burnout (BAT-C): exhaustion, mental distance, cognitive and emotional impairment, and its secondary symptoms (BAT-S): psychosomatic complaints and psychological distress.

Method. The participants were 255 nursing staff members. The construct validity was assessed with a single item job satisfaction scale, the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-3) and the Job-related Affective Well-being Scale (JAWS).

Results. Results of the confirmatory factor analysis supported an assumed bi-factor structure. This applies to both BAT-C as the four core symptoms and a general factor representing burnout and BAT-S as a set of two secondary symptoms and a general factor. Both scales were strongly correlated with one another and differed from other measures of job-related well-being (job satisfaction, work engagement and negative emotions). The values of Cronbach’s alpha and composite reliability indicated the BAT-PL as a reliable measurement tool.

Conclusion. BAT-PL has good psychometric and can be used in research on burnout and should be further validated in clinical practice (download full paper in English) (download full paper in Polish).