Tag: Construct validity

New article on the ultra-short Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT-4)

Given that burnout is a major problem in many societies and that employers are legally obliged to act in preventing job stress, there is a need of validated and reliable short self- report instruments. The Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT) is developed to measure burnout as a syndrome with four core components (exhaustion, mental distance, cognitive […]

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New article on Polish BAT

Aim. This study introduces the Polish version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT-PL) and assesses its validity and reliability. The tool measures the core symptoms of burnout (BAT-C): exhaustion, mental distance, cognitive and emotional impairment, and its secondary symptoms (BAT-S): psychosomatic complaints and psychological distress. Method. The participants were 255 nursing staff members. The construct […]

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