Month: August 2018

New publication on mental health related long-term sickness

Which job demands and job resources were predictive of mental health-related long-term sickness absence (LTSA) in nurses? It appeared that in random sample of Norwegian nurses (N = 1,533) 103 (7%) of them had mental health-related LTSA during 2-year follow-up. Harassment was positively and social support at the workplace was negatively related to mental health […]

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New publication on work engagement and performance

Previous studies have confirmed correlations between resilience and job performance, but surprisingly little is known about the nature of this relationship. This study among Czech workers in helping professions (N = 360) sheds light on the roles of two important positive dimensions of work-related well-being: job satisfaction and work engagement. Levels of resilience and perceived […]

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New article on workahoilism and engagement

Virtually all studies on workaholism and engagement rely on self-report questionnaires. However, the limitations of self-reports are widely acknowledged and potentially peer ratings may overcome these imitations. Using a sample of 73 dyads composed of focal workers and their colleagues, the present study aimed: (1) to compare focal workers’ and coworkers’ perceptions of work engagement […]

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