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New publication on boredom

This study investigates the correlates of job boredom in 87 Finnish workplaces (N = 11,468) and to examine the associations between job boredom, health outcomes, and job attitudes. The Dutch Boredom Scale was used to measure job boredom. Results show that male, under-36-year-old employees and employees working in transportation, manufacturing, arts, recreation, and entertainment experienced the […]

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New Publication on engagement and workability

This study investigates whether work engagement influences self-perceived health, work ability, and sickness absence beyond health behaviors and work-related characteristics. Employees of two organizations participated in a six-month longitudinal study (n=733). Using questionnaires, information was collected on health behaviors, work-related characteristics, and work engagement at baseline, and self-perceived health, work ability, and sickness absence at […]

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New publication on workability and work engagement

Do job and personal resources predict work ability 10 years later?  Yes, job and personal resources DO predict workability 10 years later! Moreover, it seems that work engagement plays an important role in this connection. Using a two-wave 10-year longitudinal design, the examined the motivational process proposed by the Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) model was studied. […]

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