Tag: Resilience

New article on a resilience-building intervention

The aim of the current quasi-experimental field study was to investigate the immediate and 3-month follow-up effects of the resilience-building program ResilienceWise. This blended program consisted of an individual assessment, four one-on-one sessions, and two modules in the online, self-help, psychological fitness program Psyfit (Bolier et al., 2013). The aim was to enhance resilience resources […]

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New publication on how to design resilience programs

There is a growing interest in developing resilience-building programs in the work context. Yet the resilience literature provides no clear answer about what constitutes such a program. This article presents a set of criteria for resilience-building programs. We developed these criteria by systematically reviewing studies that synthesized the evidence about the definition, conceptualization, measurement, and […]

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New publication on work engagement and performance

Previous studies have confirmed correlations between resilience and job performance, but surprisingly little is known about the nature of this relationship. This study among Czech workers in helping professions (N = 360) sheds light on the roles of two important positive dimensions of work-related well-being: job satisfaction and work engagement. Levels of resilience and perceived […]

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