Tag: Longitudinal design

New article on engaging leadership

The current study investigates the mediating role of job resources (JRs) (i.e. person-job fit, value congruence, alignment, job control, use of skills, participation in decision-making, coworker support and performance feedback) and basic psychological need satisfaction at work (i.e. autonomy, relatedness, competence and meaningfulness) in the relationship between engaging leadership (EL) (i.e. inspiring, strengthening, empowering and […]

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New publication on academic performance

Academic Psychological Capital, or PsyCap, – a set of positive psychological resources encompassing hope, efficacy, resilience, and optimism – has begun to gain attention in academia, showing positive relationships with desirable academic outcomes. In the present study, we examine whether academic PsyCap mediates between teacher-student relationships and academic performance as assessed by student’s GPA, using […]

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New publication about wellbeing and job crafting

This study among 1,877 Finnish dentists investigates how various types of employee well-being (i.e., work engagement, job satisfaction, burnout, and workaholism), may differently predict various job crafting behaviors (i.e., increasing structural and social resources and challenging demands, and decreasing hindering demands) over a time-span of 4 years. The results showed that (a) work engagement positively […]

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