Month: December 2016

New overview of the Job Demands-Resources model

This chapter gives a state-of-the–art overview of theory and research on the Job Demands- Resources (JD-R) model. Since its introduction in 2001, the JD-R model has been cited over 9,000 times and is arguably today’s most popular conceptual model in occupational health psychology. The chapter describes the development of the JD-R model, which originally only […]

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New publication on retirement intention and actual retirement

Research on the correspondence between retirement intentions and subsequent behaviour is scarce. We aimed to explore possible associations between retirement intentions and behaviour, using five-year high-quality quantitative panel data on Norwegian senior workers. Retirement intentions operate at different levels of firmness: (a) considerations; (b) preferences; and (c) decisions. Compared to work continuation considerations, a targeted […]

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