Month: October 2023

Publication on job crafting, work engagement and person-job fit

There are currently two main theoretical perspectives that explain how employees engage in job crafting, namely Wrzesniewski and Dutton’s (2001) original theory and the job demands-resources model framework by Tims and colleagues (2012). The purpose of this study was to investigate and compare these two perspectives on job crafting using a person-centered methodology. We also […]

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New meta-analysis on job demands, resources, outcomes and work engagement

Although the construct of work engagement has been extensively explored, a systematic meta-analysis based on a consistent categorization of engagement antecedents, outcomes, and well-being correlates is still lacking. The results of prior research reporting 533 correlations from 113 independent samples (k = 94, n = 119,420) were coded using a meta-analytic approach. The effect size […]

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New article on engagment and burnout among hospital nurses

Aim: This study investigated the mediating role of intrinsic motivation in the relationship of job demands and job resources with burnout vs. work engagement. In addition, we examined if job resources strengthen the positive relationship of job demands with intrinsic motivation and burnout (moderating effect). Results: Using a sample of direct care nurses (n= 1729) […]

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