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New publication on work engagement and performance

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between work engagement and multiple dimensions of employee performance, as mediated by open-mindedness. Survey data were obtained from 186 employees of a food processing plant and the findings were cross-validated in an independent convenience sample (N = 308). Analyses revealed that the more engaged the […]

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New publication on workaholism and work engagement

A two-year follow-up study among Japanese workers revealed that work engagement predicted positive changes in health, life satisfaction, and performance, whereas workaholism predicted poor health and dissatisfaction. Moreover, workaholism was not related to future job performance (read more).

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New publication on work engagement and supervisor-rated performance

This study investigates a conceptual model that explains the mechanisms linking positive orientation (POS — i.e. a pervasive mode of viewing and facing reality from a positive stance) to future job performance in a sample of 388 security agents. Job performance was rated by three supervisors, and examined via the company’s performance appraisal tool. Results […]

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