Month: July 2018

New publication on work engagement in intensive care

Working in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is complex and physically, cognitively and emotionally demanding. Although the negative emotions of work-related stress have been well studied, the opposite perspective of work engagement might also provide valuable insight into how these demands may be countered. This study included 193 Dutch ICU nurses and intensivists and explored […]

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New publication about wellbeing and job crafting

This study among 1,877 Finnish dentists investigates how various types of employee well-being (i.e., work engagement, job satisfaction, burnout, and workaholism), may differently predict various job crafting behaviors (i.e., increasing structural and social resources and challenging demands, and decreasing hindering demands) over a time-span of 4 years. The results showed that (a) work engagement positively […]

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New publication on job crafting and change

Organizations today have to change constantly. Although both practitioners and scientists agree that organizational change communication is the most effective strategy to improve employee adjustment to change, little is known about how change communication enhances more proactive employee reactions to change. The present study addresses employee job crafting behaviors (i.e., seeking job resources, seeking job […]

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