Month: June 2023

New review article on research with the BAT

This chapter presents a fresh look at burnout, based a reconceptualization as a work-related syndrome that consists of (1) exhaustion (i.e., a severe loss of energy that results in feelings of both physical and mental exhaustion); (2) mental distance (i.e., a strong reluctance or aversion to work, indifference, and cynicism); (3) cognitive impairment (i.e., memory […]

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New review chapter on burnout

This chapter presents an overview of the current knowledge about burnout, a state of work-related mental exhaustion. It starts with the history and societal background of the phenomenon and discusses the concept and various definitions. Next, the assessment of burnout using questionnaires and clinical interviews is reviewed and an overview of its prevalence is presented. […]

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New article on the BAT – Greek version

Burnout is a significant challenge in the workplace. Its extent is global and its unfavorable consequences are diverse, affecting the individual, the organization, and society. The aim of the present study was to examine the adaptation and assess the validity of the Greek version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT). The adaptation process included the […]

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