Tag: Meta-analysis

New meta-analysis on the psychometric validation of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI-GS)

This study sought to investigate the measurement properties of a “gold standard” instrument for measuring burnout, the Maslach Burnout Inventory – General Survey (MBI-GS), with a systematic literature review and meta-analysis of studies that had as the primary aim its psychometric validation. Our search identified 35 eligible studies for inclusion in the systematic review. Of […]

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New meta-analysis on job demands, resources, outcomes and work engagement

Although the construct of work engagement has been extensively explored, a systematic meta-analysis based on a consistent categorization of engagement antecedents, outcomes, and well-being correlates is still lacking. The results of prior research reporting 533 correlations from 113 independent samples (k = 94, n = 119,420) were coded using a meta-analytic approach. The effect size […]

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New meta-analysis on leadership and work engagement

This study aims to review and quantify the value of several well-established positive leadership styles for employee work engagement in organizations. We perform both a quantitative and qualitative review (k = 86). Our (moderated) meta-analysis indicates that transformational, authentic, empowering, ethical, and servant leadership all share overlap in confidence and credibility intervals, resulting in a […]

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