Month: October 2018

New publication on measuring workaholism in Brazil

Workaholism is characterized by a state of mind in which employees work excessively and compulsively. This study aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of two versions of the Dutch Work Addiction Scale (DUWAS-16 and DUWAS 10) among 571 workers in Brazil. A confirmatory factor analysis CFA of the DUWAS-16 confirmed the two factor structure (Working […]

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New study on burnout across Europe

This study uncovers relationships between burnout at country level on the one hand, and a variety of national economic, governance, and cultural indicators on the other hand. Burnout data were used from the 6th European Working Conditions Survey (2015) that includes random samples of workers from thirty-five European countries (total N=43,675). The countries with the […]

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