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New review article on research with the BAT

This chapter presents a fresh look at burnout, based a reconceptualization as a work-related syndrome that consists of (1) exhaustion (i.e., a severe loss of energy that results in feelings of both physical and mental exhaustion); (2) mental distance (i.e., a strong reluctance or aversion to work, indifference, and cynicism); (3) cognitive impairment (i.e., memory […]

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New article on Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT)

Background: Burnout is an increasing public health concern that afflicts employees globally. The measurement of burnout is not without criticism, specifically in the context of its operational definition as a syndrome, The Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT-23) is a new measure for burnout that addresses many of the criticisms surrounding burnout scales. The aim of this […]

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New publication on the BAT

This study aimed to adapt and show evidence of validity for the Ecuadorian version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT) considering only its core-dimensions. The adaptation process included its translation and back translation. For content validation, expert reviews and focus groups were carried out. A confirmatory factor analysis was used to identify the psychometric properties […]

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