New publication on the BAT

This study aimed to adapt and show evidence of validity for the Ecuadorian version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT) considering only its core-dimensions. The adaptation process included its translation and back translation. For content validation, expert reviews and focus groups were carried out. A confirmatory factor analysis was used to identify the psychometric properties and dimensionality of the scale. The reliability of the scale was assessed through the alpha, omega and composite reliability indices. To carry out the study, the questionnaire was applied to a sample of workers with a high level of education in Ecuador (N=2,237). The results showed that the hierarchical model for the BAT-23 and its short version, the BAT-12 scale, is the most adequate structure of the construct in the Ecuadorian context. The reliability of the general factor of burnout and its four dimensions, evaluated by composite reliability, omega and Cronbach’s alpha, showed satisfactory indices. The findings obtained provide support for the reliability and validity of the Burnout Assessment Tool for the Ecuadorian context (download full article).