New publication on burnout and engagement among dental hygienists

This paper investigates the prevalence of burnout and work engagement among Dutch young and more experienced dental hygienists and the work experience of young professional dental hygienists. In Study I, 400 participants completed the Dutch version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory online, whereas in Study II, the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) was distributed via social media to young professionals. In Study I dental hygienists’ average work experience was 16.6 years, and one-thirds worked25-32 hours per week. In Study II, 73 young professionals (M = 26.5 years) reported 32.9 weekly working hours. Results indicated that 2.5% of 157 dental hygienists (Study I) satisfied the norm of burnout. Mostly, all aspects of burnout were low compared with the test Manual norms. UWES-mean scores indicated a moderate to high level of work engagement (Study II). Conclusions: Exploratory findings show that generally burnout appears no threat for Dutch dental hygienists, and moderate to high level of work engagement coincides with a low level of burnout-related symptoms (download full paper).