New article on engaging leadership

This paper reviews recent research on engaging leadership that is defined as leadership behaviors that inspires, strengthens, connects, and empowers followers and hence increase their levels of work engagement. Research confirms the prediction from Self-Determination Theory that through these behaviors employees’ basic psychological needs of meaning, growth, relatedness, and autonomy are satisfied, which, in its turn, promotes work engagement. In addition, engaging leaders also decrease job demands and increase job resources and personal resources of their followers. This, in its turn not only boosts their work engagement and decreases their burnout but also improves employees’ job performance. Similar effects are also found at the team level; the more engaging team-leaders are, the more team-resources are available and the better the team-performance. Hence, engaging leadership is important for organizations because it has a direct as well as indirect impact on relevant outcomes such a work engagement, burnout, and individual and team performance (download full paper).