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New article on engaging leadership

This paper reviews recent research on engaging leadership that is defined as leadership behaviors that inspires, strengthens, connects, and empowers followers and hence increase their levels of work engagement. Research confirms the prediction from Self-Determination Theory that through these behaviors employees’ basic psychological needs of meaning, growth, relatedness, and autonomy are satisfied, which, in its […]

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New overview article on engaging leadership

This paper introduces the notion of engaging leadership and reviews the empirical work done so far. Engaging leadership is defined as leadership behavior that facilitates, strengthens, connects and inspires employees in order to increase their work engagement. It can be measured with a reliable and valid self-report scale. As predicted by Self-Determination Theory, on which […]

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New publication on engaging leadership

Purpose – The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between engaging leadership and open conflict norms in teams, with work engagement. A mediating role of basic needs satisfaction between these relations is proposed. Methodology – Structural equation modeling was used with 133 employees who rated their leader, their team and their own […]

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