New publication on leadership, job crafting and boredom

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of team-level servant leadership on job boredom and the role of job crafting. A longitudinal design was used and 237 employees, clustered into 47 teams participated. In the study Servant leadership was aggregated to the team-level to examine the effects of shared perceptions of leadership at T1 job boredom, at T2. In addition, mediation analysis was used to test whether team-level servant leadership at T1 can protect followers from job boredom at T2 by fostering job crafting at T2. It was indeed found that job crafting at T2 mediated the effect of team-level servant leadership at T1 on job boredom at T2. The findings suggest that team-level servant leadership predicts less job boredom by boosting job crafting (download full paper).