Tag: Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI)

New paper on the Turkish version of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT)

The purpose of this study is to adapt the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT) for in use Turkey. Three sub-studies were conducted. First, the scale was translated, and the factorial structure was determined in a study among 295 participants. In the second study, the scale’s reliability and validity was tested among 399 participants. For the third […]

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New publication on new burnout questionnaire (BAT)

This paper introduces a new definition for burnout and investigates the psychometric properties of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT), which is based on that definition. In a prior qualitative study, 49 practitioners were interviewed about their conceptualization of burnout (part 1). Using a dialectical approach, four core dimensions—exhaustion, mental distance, and impaired emotional and cognitive […]

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