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New article on heavy work investment

The academic literature has drawn a clear distinction between a positive form (i.e., work engagement) and a negative form (i.e., workaholism) of heavy work investment (HWI). Nevertheless, the weight of individual and situational factors contributing to their development was not thoroughly explored. This study aims to investigate simultaneously the role of person factors (i.e., obsessiveā€“compulsive […]

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New publication: Are workaholics born or made?

This study explores whether the interaction between the perception of an overwork climate in the workplace and person characteristics (i.e., achievement motivation, perfectionism, conscientiousness, self-efficacy) may foster workaholism. Our results showed indeed that a work work climate that promotes overwork may foster workaholism, but especially for those high in achievement motivation, perfectionism, conscientiousness, and self-efficacy […]

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