Tag: Dutch Boredom Scale (DUBS)

New article on boredom at work

Objectives: The current study aimed to  validate  the  Japanese  version  of  the  Dutch Boredom Scale (DUBS- J), a new boredom scale that comprehensively assesses employees’ emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to low- stimulus work situations. Methods: The translated and back- translated DUBS was administered via an internet survey to 1358 Japanese employees from various occupations. […]

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New publication on new burnout questionnaire (BAT)

This paper introduces a new definition for burnout and investigates the psychometric properties of the Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT), which is based on that definition. In a prior qualitative study, 49 practitioners were interviewed about their conceptualization of burnout (part 1). Using a dialectical approach, four core dimensions—exhaustion, mental distance, and impaired emotional and cognitive […]

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